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About us

``Akij Flour Mills Ltd.`` – is a newly incorporated SBU of AKIJ GROUP which has started its’ operation from 2016 with a vision to provide high-quality flour, backed by strong technical know-how and product standards to best meet the diverse needs of every customer. It also supplies other related product such as wheat bran.

Our Products

In this era of mass production, as it is very hard to stand out with one product,
Akij Group focuses on making the best in all sectors.

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Wheat Field To Our Table Journey

Selecting the fine quality wheat

Farming being done using SUNSHINE products

Experiencing the delicious taste which are high in food value

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Selecting the fine quality wheat

At SUNSHINE, we promise to use the best quality wheat as raw material for making the finest quality products i.e. Coarse flour, Fine flour and Semolina. During selection process, we always consider to cater the needs of the customers who are involved in food business, farming and others etc.

The properties of a good wheat quality can be summarized as followed:

I. Uniform moisture contents

II. High test weight

III. No foreign material

IV. Low percentage of discolored, broken and damaged kernels

V. Low breakability VI. High milling quality

VII. High protein content

VIII. No presence of insects and molds


Farming being done using SUNSHINE products

The care afforded to selecting our raw materials to meet the strictest requirements of the food industry also benefits our animal feed products. Our animal feed products are exclusively manufactured without using any additives in order to retain the natural properties throughout the process.

Hence, it helps the cattle farm owners to get a healthy return from it.


Experiencing the delicious taste which are high in food value

It is a great concern for us about the foods we are having on our tables that how these are being produced and processed. To reduce your anxiety regarding this, all we can say that if SUNSHINE is a part of the value chain then consumers can taste that food without having any confusion. Because SUNSHINE never lets your expectation down.